Choose the Polish Construction Company for your construction projects.



Loft Conversions | Basement Conversions | Refurbishments | Extensions

The Polish Construction Company is able to source the right people at the right time. Currently working with over 40 tradesmen, we have the ability to recall many other people we have worked with as and when required.

The Polish Construction Company sometimes partner with several Polish subcontractors and construction teams, with whom we have already had satisfactory dealings to enable us to undertake larger construction projects.

The Polish Construction Company can provide structural surveys, feasibility studies as well as architect's plans for small to medium sized construction projects which, together with our Polish project management, enables us to see projects through from conception to final completion.



The Polish Construction Company can supply a complete team of workers. We're able to fulfil your requirements by providing the skilled workers you need, when you need and where you need them.

Naturally, in today's economic climate, an advance will be required in order to ensure smooth cash and work flows.

If you're a tradesman, subcontractor, or small - medium sized construction company and you wish to partner with us on projects, please contact us giving details about the type of contracts you have already performed together with three references.

By some we're known as the POLISH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LONDON, by others simply as the Polish Construction Company, by some we're known as the Best Polish Construction Company in London!